TWICE’s Jihyo And Momo Break Down Whether They Still Feel Pressure Before A Comeback

They gave different answers.

Having made their debut in 2015 and released numerous hit songs, TWICE are already considered veterans in the K-Pop industry.

Knowing this, Bollywood Hungama asked the girls in an exclusive interview whether they still feel pressure or excitement before a comeback.

Do you still feel the immense pressure before a comeback? Or the excitement takes over most of those feels?

— Bollywood Hungama

It may seem daunting to perform for millions of people, but it doesn’t bother Jihyo! Even though she doesn’t know what challenges await, she personally feels more excitement now than anything else. She even sees the uncertainty as an avenue for future opportunities.

I guess excitement takes over pressure now. We still don’t know what new challenges await us in the future, but that uncertainty makes me feel excited since it could open up a new opportunity for TWICE.

— Jihyo

Momo, however, didn’t completely agree. She thinks that their latest album The Feels made her feel more pressured than any others because the lyrics were completely in English.

Nonetheless, she feels comfort in knowing that fans will always support them.

For ‘The Feels’, I felt more pressure compared to other albums, since it’s our first time trying a full English single. I’m not sure how people will react to our new attempt, but I know that ONCE will always have our back so I feel very supported.

— Momo

TWICE are right about ONCEs always being there for them!

In the same interview, TWICE was asked about the process of making their songs and choreographies. Check out their answers below!

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Source: Bollywood Hungama


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