The Time TWICE’s Jihyo Made A Cute Dance Mistake Because Of Sana

We’d be distracted by Sana too.

TWICE‘s known for their dance skills and amazing choreography – makes sense that they would only make mistakes for a special reason! On Studio Choom‘s dance choreography video, the girls showed off their snazzy moves for “I CAN’T STOP ME”.

During a close-up on Tzuyu, it seemed as if Jihyo had forgotten the move in the background.

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Due to some criticism faced, Studio Choom eventually took the video down and released a newly edited version with a wider cut of the dance.

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However, the real reason for her blunder was released in a behind-the-scenes clip! It turned out, Jihyo had gotten distracted by Sana, causing her to miss the beat.

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For the move, Sana was supposed to grab onto Momo‘s shoulder before doing a hand flick. However, she had broken formation a little earlier than the intended move, causing Jihyo to be startled.

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Mistakes are only human! The girls concluded the filming well and the outcome was amazing! In other news, TWICE has successfully wrapped up their promotions for “I CAN’T STOP ME”.

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