TWICE’s Jihyo And Sana Reveal The Skincare Item They Can’t Live Without

Both of them agree on its importance.

TWICE recently sat down with Harper’s BAZAAR to put their art skills to the test by drawing each other. In the process, they answered some unique questions to pass the time.

One asked the group for the skincare “item of your life,” which Jihyo and Sana were quick to answer.

| Harper’sBAZAAR/YouTube

Being the leader, Jihyo was the first to offer up her coveted item. Her lips were the facial feature that needed the most care, “For me, my lips get dry really easily and needs more exfoliation.

Because of that, a moisturizing balm was never far away from Jihyo. “I always have lip balm on me.” Funnily enough, Sana’s chosen item was also familiar.

Sana claimed lip moisturizer was one of the items she used most as well, “For me, too, it’s lip balm.” There was a difference in the kind both of them used, though.

Sana preferred one that would exfoliate as well as moisturize. “But mine has a sugar scrub in it.

Ever since she discovered it, Sana hasn’t been able to get enough, “And I started using that since last year maybe, and it works so well for me. So I can’t not have it with me.

Sana loved the lip balm scrubs so much that she had to stockpile a few, “So recently I got maybe three at once.

When it comes to lip balm, Jihyo and Sana definitely can’t live without it. Though many people focus on their skin when it comes to skincare, lips are just as important. They need exfoliation and moisturizer too.