TWICE’s Makeup Artist Reveals The One Member Whose Skin Is So Flawless, She Doesn’t Even Need Foundation

This member’s skincare routine is even more surprising!

Even when they’re bare-faced on their off-days, all the TWICE members are undeniably gorgeous. But, one member in particular has skin so flawless, she doesn’t even need to wear foundation during schedules! The group’s makeup artist revealed all in a new interview with ELLE Korea—and wait until you hear this member’s surprising skincare routine, too!

Unsurprisingly confident given their good looks, the TWICE members have been seen in public with minimal makeup several times in the past. Many of them have shockingly stunning bare-faced visuals, from maknae Tzuyu

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…to leader Jihyo. Of course, when they’re performing on stage or recording for a schedule, the members always wear foundation to enhance their natural beauty—except for one member in particular.

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In a new interview with ELLE Korea, LULU Jia (one of TWICE’s main makeup artists) revealed that the member with skin so perfect she doesn’t need foundation is…

Dahyun! For years, both the members and fans have nicknamed Dahyun “Tofu” (“Dubu” in Korean) because of her soft, pale, tofu-like skin. Now, it turns out her skin is just as perfect as it is pretty. In the ELLE interview, TWICE’s makeup artist revealed that “Dahyun doesn’t do base makeup [foundation]“. Instead, the team simply applies sunscreen to protect her skin, then applies her blush on top of that.

If you’ve ever noticed how Dahyun typically wears cream-type blush, now you know why. The makeup artist went on to say that cream blushes highly Dahyun’s naturally flawless skin texture.

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She also noted that because Dahyun’s complexion is so fair and unblemished, “there’s no color that doesn’t suit her“. But, the makeup team does like coral and peach tones on Dahyun the best, applying it only to the apples of her cheeks “to suit her cute image“.

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Considering how perfect Dahyun’s skin is without makeup, it stands to reason that she must have an intensive skincare routine—right? Think again! In an interview early this year, Dahyun revealed she doesn’t care for skincare products at all! Instead, she keeps her skin flawless by drinking lots of water and getting plenty of sleep.

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She also shared the same skincare tips in an Allure magazine interview, noting that thinking positively also seems to have a positive effect on her skin.

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I concentrate more on inner beauty because when I worry too much or think negatively, it shows through my skin. I try to be positive and calm all the time.

— Dahyun

Source: ELLE Korea