TWICE Admits That Both The Members And Their Fans Have Grown Since Debut—Here’s How

ONCEs may agree!

Several weeks ago, JYP Entertainment girl group TWICE sat down for an interview with GRAMMY where they discussed their legendary contract renewal and why they’re an immensely successful K-Pop group.


And true to their words, there is no denying how popular they are! Ever since their debut in 2015, the girls have dominated the K-Pop industry with hit songs like “Cheer Up” and “T.T.” They became the darlings of Korea who could always be counted on to release good music. Additionally, they grew to be loved for their charming personalities and sincere treatment of fans.

But while all that still applies today, some things have changed. In the same interview, the girls were asked if and in what way they have grown as a group since their debut.

How have you guys grown as a group over the years? Is there anything you want to change going forward?

— GRAMMY interview

| @JYPETWICE/Twitter

Mina spoke for the group when she answered that the members have become more involved in their musical contributions. From writing lyrics, they are now capable of composing and vocal directing. Their talents are limitless!

Looking back at ourselves since the debut, I noticed that our members’ album contributions have grown significantly. It started out with writing lyrics, but now, our members are capable of composing and vocal directing, too.

— Mina

Mina | @mina_sr_my/Instagram

On the other hand, Momo shared her thoughts on how their fans have grown since debut. According to the singer, ONCEs have told them that they connote certain TWICE songs with personal events in their lives.

The growth of TWICE is absolutely magical, but I also want to focus on the growth of our fans. We’ve heard that our songs bring back the memories of significant events relating to a certain era of a person’s life.

— Momo

Momo | @momo/Instagram

She feels happy that their songs are able to remind fans of the time and place they were listening to them. Concluding, she added that she wishes to continue building the relationship between their music and their fans’ memories.

I love how fans say that our songs remind them of a time and place when they were listening to the song. This relationship between our music and our fans’ memories is something that I want to keep on building going forward.

— Momo

| @JYPETWICE/Twitter

In the same way that the TWICE members have grown through the years, their fans have as well. Now that all members have renewed their contracts with JYP Entertainment, there’s no telling how much they’ll still change!

| @JYPETWICE/Twitter

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Source: GRAMMY