Here’s Part Of TWICE’s Choreography That Changes Every Performance That You Might Not Have Noticed

There’s something new to watch out for every time!

TWICE‘s choreography for their latest single “Alcohol-Free” is full of addicting, upbeat, and elegant dance moves. However, upon paying closer attention, fans have found that the intricate details of Mina‘s part change with every performance!

| @twicetagram/Instagram

In an edit created by Twitter user @myouimina, “Bartender Mina” can be seen preparing a drink and tossing it towards Dahyun’s during her verse.

However, if you pay close attention, she has a different drink prepared for each performance! From stirring a mixed drink…

…to pouring a shot of Soju, her minute and elegant movements keep every performance fresh.

ONCEs will gladly accept a drink from Bartender Mina any day!

Check out the full fan edit below and watch as Mina effortlessly makes various types of drinks.


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