TWICE’s Mina Never Planned To Debut With An Elegant Image—Here’s What She Had In Mind

These are the images she almost tried.

TWICE‘s Mina is famous for her innate elegance. Whether she’s dancing…

…posing for the camera…

…or simply standing up straight…

…Mina is always a sight to behold!

Did you know, however, that it was never her intention to debut with an elegant image?

Recently, Mina sat down for an interview with Allure Korea. Aside from questions about the music she listens to and what goes on behind the scenes of dance practice videos, she was also asked, “In your opinion, what are your strengths?

Mina implied that she equates her strength with her current image as an idol. She used to think that she needed to have a distinct image, and she was under the impression that she should appear lively, sexy, or cute.

In the past, I strongly believed that I had to have a distinct image. I thought I should have a distinct concept, like lively, sexy or cute.

— Mina

After her debut, she began to hear from fans that she is an elegant person. It was completely different from what she believed she had to be like, and it helped her see that elegance is charismatic!

But my fans told me that I am elegant, so I realized that can be a charismatic image too.

— Mina

Wouldn’t that be my strength?” she concluded.

Mina is right about that! It’s rare to find someone as naturally elegant as she is, so she should be proud of that characteristic of hers.

In the same interview, Mina revealed that JYP Entertainment once wanted her moles removed. Check it out here:

JYP Entertainment Once Wanted TWICE’s Mina To Have The Moles On Her Face Removed

Source: Allure Korea