These 16 Photos Of TWICE’s Mina Prove Her Aura Is Unrivaled

The elegant queen of K-Pop.

TWICE‘s Mina has always dazzled fans with her outstanding skills and jaw-dropping beauty.

mina 1

But besides her obvious talent and exceptional visuals, fans have always been left speechless by Mina’s aura.

mina 2

ONCEs have noticed that Mina is the master of many different looks.

mina 3


She has a natural and chic aura that has helped sparked many rumors about her being a rich heiress or an actual princess.

mina 4

And these rumors seem even more plausible when you see Mina step out of a car!

mina 3


Fans have also noticed that Mina exudes a very powerful aura…

mina 5

While also maintaining a hint of mystery!

mina 6

This “Black Swan” of the group looks good no matter what she’s doing…

mina 8


Whether it’s being spotted at the airport…

mina 4

Up on stage performing…


Or simply smiling…

Mina’s ability to melt hearts is unmatched!

She’s even been known to surprise netizens with her visuals and aura!

mina 9


There’s just something about Mina…

mina 10

That says she’s the very model of elegance and grace!

mina 11


Which of course she is!

mina 7

With her outstanding skills as a singer and dancer along with her amazing visuals and unique auras, there’s no one quite like Mina!

mina 13

. . .