TWICE’s Mina Surprised Koreans With Her Sneaky Visuals, And Now They Feel Attacked

Koreans have suddenly realized how pretty TWICE’s Mina is, and ONCEs are shocked.

TWICE‘s Mina is gaining attention from Korean netizens right now for her “surprise” visuals!


According to netizens on social site Instiz, Mina was overshadowed by other members in the past, but the more you see her, the more attractive she becomes.


Netizens complained that they weren’t aware she was pretty at first, but she attacked them with her sudden beauty.

  • “I didn’t know before, but the more you look at Mina, the prettier she is.”
  • “At first she wasn’t my ideal so I couldn’t see it, but I agree, it’s true – the more I see her, the prettier she gets.”
  • “Seriously at first I didn’t know she was pretty but she’s totally beautiful!”
  • “I thought she was pretty from the first time I saw her, but now I think she’s elegant.”
  • “Nowadays she’s totally pretty.”
  • “I didn’t know she was pretty but then I saw her out the window of the KTX and I realized she really is.”


Of course, ONCEs are saying she was always beautiful.

  • “From the first moment she was pretty.”
  • “Maybe it’s because she’s Japanese, but she looks like an imperial princess.”
  • “She like the ideal young miss.”
  • “She’s always been super super pretty, from debut to now.”
  • “Every time I see her, I think she looks like a mix between GFRIEND’s Yuju and Eunha. Pretty + pretty = pretty.”
  • “How can she be so high-class like that all the time? She’s sooooo pretty.”
  • “I thought she was pretty from the beginning.”
  • “Miss Princess!”
  • “I think she’s the prettiest.”
  • “She’s been pretty since birth.”
  • “If someone’s too pretty or too handsome, you might not recognize it at first. Mina is so pretty.”
  • “She’s really the most elegant out of all the female idols.”


Some fans are surprised that there were people out there who couldn’t see her beauty, since her nickname is the “Black Swan!”

  • “What did you say?”
  • “Are you blind? She’s so graceful and beautiful. We already knew.”
  • “How the hell did you not see how pretty she is? She’s got a small face, big eyes, small nose… whats not to like?”
  • “Are you crazy? It’s Mina!”


For some fans, no matter her position in the crowd…


Her hair style or accessory…


Or even her expression, she manages to look amazingly elegant.


And then she goes and performs like this, and fans are blown away by her talent as well!