TWICE’s Mina Reveals The Reasons Behind Her Stunning New Blonde Hair

“You were surprised, weren’t you ONCE?”

In the special live broadcast to celebrate TWICE‘s Mina‘s birthday, she took fans by surprise by showing up on camera with a completely new hair color. It was a pleasant surprise since she’d last been seen with dark hair.

At the start of the video, Mina appeared with long, blonde hair. With a smile as bright as her hair, Mina ran her hand through it, saying, “You were surprised, weren’t you ONCE?” She looked absolutely stunning, in addition to appearing happy and healthy.

Since the hair color was still new, Mina admitted that she felt self-conscious about it. “I feel so awkward about my hair color every time I look in the mirror.” She then revealed part of the reason why she changed up her style.

While the other members had been experimenting with new styles and colors, they influenced Mina to join them, “The members said my hair condition is too great, so it’s about time for me to do something.”

Wanting to know if ONCEs were enjoying the new color, she cutely wouldn’t stop asking until she could see their responses. It was a hit. It had been received so well that she mentioned it to Jihyo when giving her a call.

Although Mina had first mentioned her members’ influence was part of the reason for the change, she revealed the most important reason for it: “I was thinking about dying it again.”

Since her hair hadn’t been this bright since “Cheer Up”, Mina couldn’t help but make the connection. Taking a look at how well blonde hair suited her then, no wonder she looks even more stunning with it now.

There’s no need for Mina to feel so self-conscious about it. ONCEs have been gushing about how much they’re loving it online. Watch her talk about the change throughout the live broadcast here.