A Fortune Teller Predicted TWICE’s Personalities So Accurately That They Couldn’t Believe It

“Her concentration is 5/10.”

A few months ago, TWICE had the opportunity to chat with a famous Japanese fortune teller. They were shocked to hear how accurate her predictions about them were.

She asked to read their palms and assessed their personalities based on what she found. Check out what she predicted about Momo, Mina, and Tzuyu below!

1. Momo

The fortune teller described Momo as innocent—so innocent, in fact, that she’s just like an elementary student! Momo couldn’t hold back her laughter when she was told that she has a hard time concentrating. She could definitely relate to what was being said!

Momo’s star is from the Moon group: the waning moon. Its nature is innocence. She is forever a Grade 3 elementary school student. She also has a difficulty in focusing. Her concentration is 5/10.

— Fortune teller

Also, you’re a bit of an enthusiast,” the fortune teller added.

2. Mina

Next, the fortune teller correctly assumed that Mina is a homebody who rarely goes out on her days off. She puts her heart into everything she does, and she feels calm whenever she holds another person’s hand.

Mina is not the type to go outdoors. She’s someone who will pursue something deeply on her own. For Mina, she feels calm and reassured when she holds someone’s hand.

— Fortune teller

3. Tzuyu

Finally, Tzuyu was told that her aura is very similar to that of an angel and that her type of humor is dry.

Tzuyu possesses the strongest aura of an angel. Using astrology, Tzuyu’s star belongs to Earth group: the mountain range. She may be smiling on the surface, but her humor is actually dry.

— Fortune teller

With that in mind, the fortune teller advised her to show her cuteness and charms more to hold the world captive. The last prediction that she made was that Tzuyu doesn’t like being told to laugh. She easily has fun on her own and can even be heard singing in the shower.

If she shows off her cuteness and charm more, she will captivate the world! It’s hard for you to laugh on command, but once you’re having fun and are in the mood, you could be singing by yourself in the shower.

— Fortune teller

Most of what she said about TWICE’s personalities is surprisingly accurate!

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Source: YouTube