TWICE’s Momo Picks The Best Cook In TWICE And Reveals What Her Signature Dish Is

Momo said her meals were some of the best she had ever had.

TWICE‘s Momo recently had a photo shoot with Cosmopolitan Korea magazine to show off her gorgeous visuals. She tried new styles to show off a new side of herself to ONCEs, TWICE’s official fandom, including a unique look that swept aside her bangs for the first time.

TWICE’s Momo | Cosmopolitan Korea

The idol also stopped for a short interview to give fans some TMI (too much information) updates about herself and her group. She talked about their viral bunny hat airport look, the fake name she still uses for deliveries, and why she sometimes only eats one meal a day despite knowing it’s unhealthy.


Another passion Momo discussed in the video was her love of cooking! She said that one of her resolutions for 2023 was to eat healthier and cook meals for herself. Being a foreign idol from Japan, she specialized more in dishes from her home country than Korean recipes.

When asked who the best cook in TWICE was, Momo didn’t hesitate to answer her fellow Japanese member, Mina!

Mina prepared two memorable dishes for Momo in the past: baked bread and a poke bowl. Momo said they were two of the best meals she had ever had! Her words were high praise considering Momo was also considered one of the best cooks in TWICE.

Watch the full interview of Momo with Cosmopolitan Korea below. She answers who the best cook in TWICE is at the 1:20 mark.


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