That Time Momo Made Super Junior Heechul’s Heart Flutter, Here’s How

Momo definitely made us smile!

While TWICE’s Momo is know as a fierce dance machine, she also has a sweeter side that make hearts flutter!

And that’s exactly what she did by using her charms on Super Junior’s Heechul!

During an episode of Weekly Idol, TWICE (who guested with GOT7, GFRIEND, and BTOB) played a game where they had to do as many cute things as possible to get Heechul’s heart racing.

And Momo definitely came out the clear winner!

Turning on her aegyo charms to 100%, she did the iconic catchphrase of LOVE LIVE! character Nico Yazawa – “Nico Nico Nii!” (Nico Nico Smile!)

Why this specifically, you ask? Because she knew it was Heechul’s favorite anime character!

Momo couldn’t even finish the phrase before Heechul was immediately smitten by Momo’s interpretation of Nico.

Almost in a state of disbelief about seeing his favorite character brought to life, he gushed over Momo’s aegyo, stating that she was so “cute and pretty”!

In fact, it was from then on that he wanted to work Momo into his life as much as possible!

She would later play the object of his affections in his SM Station track “Sweet Dreams”…

And would later name his (at the time) new dog Zorr because of Momo’s first line in “Cheer Up!”, which starts with a word that sounds like “Zorr!”

And even better, their friendship is still going strong! They even took a short video together during TWICE’s recent appearance on Knowing Bros. in 2018 to commemorate the reunion.

We seriously can’t get over how cute their friendship is!