TWICE Momo’s reaction to meeting Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun is all of us

It takes one glance from your favorite artist to make your day and it seems like TWICE’s Momo got exactly what she needed from her senior, Girl’s Generation‘s Seohyun

An image of Momo reacting to Seohyun’s greeting has been widely discussed and circulated online. The capture was taken from this year’s Golden Disk Awards which showed Momo standing on the same stage as Seohyun.

TWICE was on stage to receive their award and when the microphone was handed to Momo, she could not help but notice Seohyun standing nearby. The camera was able to capture her shy reaction as she tried to conceal her shock. Seohyun caught the reaction and patted her on the shoulder, to which Momo respectfully returned the gesture with a bow.

TWICE received three awards at the Golden Disk Awards this year and won the awards for “Digital Daesang”, “Digital Bonsang”, and “New Rising Star Award”. Seohyun is currently promoting her solo debut for “Don’t Say No”, where she shed her maknae image and instead showed fans a sexier side of her.

Here is the moment where TWICE accepted their award:

Source: Dispatch