TWICE’s Nayeon Spills On The Unique Things AKMU’s Chanhyuk Did In The JYP Entertainment Building

It was a special experience!

TWICE‘s Nayeon recently opened up about her upcoming solo comeback and the exciting collaboration with AKMU‘s Chanhyuk during an appearance on Fridge Interview, hosted by fellow TWICE member Sana.


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TWICE’s Nayeon (left) and Sana (right)
AKMU’s Chanhyuk | @leechanhyuk/Instagram

Nayeon shared that she personally reached out to Chanhyuk for his participation through her company, JYP Entertainment, as she’s a huge fan of AKMU’s music.

I requested Chanhyuk. I’ve always listened to AKMU’s songs on repeat, singing along because they’re so good. So I thought, should I send a DM? I thought I should probably talk to him directly, and through acquaintances, it might be harder for him to refuse, so I decided to ask through the company.

β€” Nayeon

Sana was surprised, noting how difficult it might be to meet Chanhyuk directly. Nayeon agreed, revealing it was actually her first time talking to him up close.

The Japanese member was curious about his personality, asking if he’s truly unique in person like he’s known to be.

  • Sana: I thought it might be hard to meet him directly.
  • Nayeon: It was my first time actually talking to him up close.
  • Sana: I’ve seen him a lot on Instagram and YouTube. Is he really that unique in person?

Nayeon agreed and described him as fun and funny. She remarked how he was the first guest to want to tour the entire JYP Entertainment building. He also started randomly conducting when he noticed she was having difficulty singing.

The “POP!” star praised him for being so helpful and said he wrote the lyrics well.

He seems quite different. He was very fun and funny. As soon as he came to our company, he wanted to take a tour. No one’s done that before. He toured from the 9th floor to the 1st floor.

And when we went into recording, my voice was really bad that day. It was so bad, he came into the booth and conducted me like this. It was so funny I took a picture. I’ll show you later. But anyway, he was really helpful with the recording, and he wrote the song so well.

β€” Nayeon

In the same interview, Nayeon opened up about her extreme diet ahead of her comeback. Find out why she was disappointed in the article below.

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