Here’s The Adorable Habit That TWICE’s Chaeyoung Picked Up From Nayeon

They’re the cutest 😍

In a past live broadcast, members Nayeon, Dahyun, Tzuyu, Sana, Jihyo, and Momo chatted with fans and shared stories about each other.

One such story was brought up by Nayeon, and it featured the group’s resident rapper, Chaeyoung!

Nayeon laughingly explained that Chaeyoung copied the excited way she talks when eating something delicious.

Chaeyoung copied me, and it was awesome. No, when I eat something delicious. It was so funny.

— Nayeon

That reminded Sana of a habit that Nayeon has when she eats fried chicken. According to Sana, it’s obvious if Nayeon is the last person to eat a piece of chicken because she breaks it apart.

When we eat fried chicken, I can tell who ate the chicken and if Nayeon is the last person to eat it. She breaks down the meat inside. There are some ordinary chicken pieces and some chicken pieces that Nayeon dissected, so I can tell if Nayeon was the last person to eat it.

— Sana

Thinking about how she finds chicken delicious, Nayeon remembered to show the members how Chaeyoung talks like her.

Chaeyoung copied me, like, ‘It’s so delicious! Try, try! This is so delicious! Try it!

— Nayeon

Hilariously, Sana knew exactly what she was talking about! It turns out Chaeyoung also says the same things to her.

Right, ‘Sana, you’ll like this! I think you’ll really like this.

— Sana 

The very thought of it almost had Nayeon in tears! After her laughter finally subsided, she commented, “That was so funny.

Ending the topic, Momo added, “She does say that often.

It’s adorable how the TWICE members have adopted each other’s habits!

Source: HYUN TV


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