With Or Without Fake Lashes—TWICE’s Nayeon Asks Fans To Spot The Difference

Either way, she’s stunning 😍

TWICE‘s Nayeon attempted to show the difference in her facial features when she wore lashes and when she removed them, but her beauty remained the same!

In a recent vlog, Nayeon chatted with fans after arriving home from work.

As she filmed, however, one of her fake lashes nearly fell off. Instead of fixing it, she decided to just completely remove it.

Oops. My fake eyelash fell off. Should I just take it off?

— Nayeon

Nayeon explained after removing her lashes that she prefers wearing full lashes instead of individual ones. “I wear my lashes as a whole.

Afterwards, she asked fans to spot the difference in her eyes with lashes and without lashes.

How do I look? Can you tell the difference?

— Nayeon

Although the side with lashes was noticeably fuller, both sides effectively showed off her delicate, fresh beauty! She’s stunning with or without them.

Catch more of Nayeon in the full video below!

Source: TWICE