TWICE’s Nayeon Follows IU’s Example And Sends ITZY And NMIXX Heartfelt Gifts

What do we have to do to get a gift from Nayeon?

Although it feels like it happened yesterday, one of the world’s favorite girl groups, TWICE, debuted almost 7 years ago. Dozens of groups have now come after them, officially making them one of K-Pop’s legendary sunbaes (Korean term for a celebrity who debuted before them.)

TWICE posing for their mini album Between 1&2 @JYPETWICE/Twitter

But even TWICE has senior artists they admire. One of these singers who they hold in the highest regard is the legend and solo act superstar, IU. She once generously gave TWICE’s entire group some luxury gifts, including Gucci rings, new Apple iPhones, and Chanel sneakers! These were a thank-you for performing as a featured artist at one of her concerts.

IU | @dlwlrma/Instagram

IU’s kindness seems to have a positive, long-lasting effect on TWICE. Recently, this displayed itself in TWICE’s Nayeon gifting two of her hoobaes (Korean term for a celebrity who debuted after them,) ITZY and NMIXX, completely different but equally heartfelt gifts.

Nayeon with NMIXX (left) and Nayeon with ITZY (right) | @NMIXX_official and @ITZYofficial respectively/Twitter

The first, to NMIXX, was her selfie as a talisman to attract money. Some might call this far-fetched or lazy, but Nayeon’s manager, Jang Jung Yoon, revealed on a reality show that the other TWICE members and their staff were seriously using Nayeon’s picture as their lockscreen as a good luck charm.

TWICE Nayeon’s manager Jang Jung Yoon and The Manager cast members Yang Se Hyung and Yoo Byung Jae (lower right) | KOCOWA TV/YouTube

It wasn’t long before other people began to pick up on the trend, and Nayeon’s selfies quickly became an extremely sought-after item. Sadly, despite being part of the same company, the NMIXX members were using ordinary pictures that she had posted online since they weren’t that close yet. Of course, this wouldn’t do for Nayeon’s precious hoobaes.

NMIXX’s Jinni using Nayeon’s picture as her lockscreen

Soon after the fad began, NMIXX’s Bae revealed on a live broadcast that Nayeon had sent all of the NMIXX members personal one-of-a-kind selfies! She even sent them options to choose from, and Bae had a genuine fan reaction to the photos.

NMIXX’s Bae bragging about her new lockscreen

Although she might not have bought them with money, to true ONCEs like NMIXX, selfies taken just for them are priceless.

On the other hand, Nayeon had a more practical gift for the ITZY members.

Nayeon with ITZY | @ITZYofficial/Twitter

ITZY’s Lia revealed that Nayeon bought her and all her members brand new Apple AirPods Max! Perhaps she was inspired by the gift IU had given her and her members a few years ago. Considering the amount of travel K-Pop idols have to do with the resumption of worldwide tours, these are a must-have and a thoughtful gift from their experienced sunbae.

ITZY’s Chaeryeong (left), Lia (center), and Yuna (right) | @mnymilf/Twitter

TWICE and ITZY have had a few fleeting exchanges over the years, but their hectic schedules probably didn’t have many opportunities to spend quality time together. It’s impressive to see that despite their limited interactions, Nayeon still values her adorable juniors!

ITZY in Japan visiting TWICE’s Twicelights World Tour in May 2019 | ITZY/YouTube

Although it can’t be said if it was any one group or artist who directly influenced the TWICE members to be so kind to their hoobaes, what we can safely assume is that TWICE has maintained their generous hearts despite all of the success and fame they have achieved over the past 7 years.