TWICE’s Nayeon Confesses That The Group’s Music Styles “Limited” Her—Here’s What She Thinks Now

“I was limited in the music styles I could sing.”

Beloved JYP Entertainment girl group TWICE is famous for their signature style of music. Whether it’s an upbeat song like “Cheer Up” or a more mature style like “Alcohol-Free,” it’s easy to tell when it belongs to the group.

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However, it poses one disadvantage—the members aren’t free to explore music styles of their own liking. Knowing this, an interviewer for ELLE magazine asked TWICE’s Nayeon how her relationship with music has changed over the years.

You debuted in TWICE seven years ago, and you were a trainee at JYP for five years before that. How has your relationship to music changed in that time, if at all?

— ELLE magazine

TWICE’s Nayeon | @nayeonyny/Instagram

The “POP!” singer reminisced on her trainee days when she was exposed to different kinds of songs and listened to all of them. It was only later when she realized that the styles she was allowed to sing were limited.

In my trainee years, I was able to practice and sing a variety of songs. I listened to everything. But after my debut, I was really busy and TWICE became my life. I was limited in the music styles I could sing.

— Nayeon

Having recently made her solo debut, the popular singer admitted she is relishing the freedom she has to work on a variety of music genres. She also shared how her album-making process went. Unlike in TWICE, she was able to record a full song all on her own, giving her the opportunity to study the way she wanted to sing and interpret it.

So now that I have more time in my career, I’d like to explore more genres and wider depths of music. In my album-making process, I liked the recording part the most because it was the first time I recorded an entire song by myself. I got to fill the song with my voice. I studied how I could sing it and interpret the music for myself.

— Nayeon

| @nayeonyny/Instagram

Finally, Nayeon confessed that her love for singing was renewed. She used to see her work as a “mechanical process,” but she now regards it in a different light. In her own words, she found a new love for music.

It made me realize how much I love singing and music in that sense. Before, it was a mechanical process. And now I get to explore a variety of styles in my own voice. Through this album, I found a new love for music.

— Nayeon

| @nayeonyny/Instagram

Aside from talking about music styles, Nayeon also opened up about her mental health and how she maintains it. Check it out here:

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Source: ELLE