TWICE’s Nayeon Believes She Has A “Terrible” Habit, Here’s What It Is

Do you do this, too?

TWICE‘s Nayeon is flawless in our eyes, but she believes she has a terrible habit!

TWICE’s Nayeon | @twicetagram/Instagram

Nayeon released her TW-LOG from the III tour on April 12. In her vlog, she talked about the struggles of touring, showed what it’s like backstage with the members, and she even showed how she styled outfits for Momo and Sana to wear during an encore performance.

| TWICE/YouTube

Nayeon also revealed her post-concert ritual in her TW-LOG. After the Fort Worth concert, she filmed herself enjoying a can of Coke. She said, “I must drink a glass of Coke right after I finish.”

When she got back to her hotel room, Nayeon ate dinner. She had chicken tenders, fries, and Texas toast from Raising Cane’s and a can of Pepsi. As she ate, Nayeon said, “I know it’s a terrible habit, but I must have carbonated drinks when eating. That way I can eat a lot.”

Even though Nayeon may think her soda drinking is a terrible habit, she’s still as flawless as ever in our eyes!

Check out her full TW-LOG below.