How TWICE’s Nayeon Actually Feels About “I’m Gonna Be A Star”

Her answer may surprise you!

TWICE‘s Nayeon is currently promoting her solo debut album, IM NAYEON.

In an interview with Teen Vogue, Nayeon finally opened up about one of TWICE’s most infamous songs, “I’m Gonna Be A Star.”

The song was the opening track of Sixteen, the survival program that formed TWICE. The song notoriously only has Nayeon singing the line “I’m gonna be a star” over and over.

It’s no secret that the song is not a favorite of Nayeon’s, with the idol even trying to avoid performing it at one of TWICE’s recent concerts.

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But despite what fans may think, Nayeon claims that she actually doesn’t hate the song “per se.”

I don’t hate it per se.


Nayeon | @nayeonyny/Instagram

Instead, Nayeon claims to dislike it because of her lack of unique lines and the auto-tune of the lines she does have.

It’s just there aren’t a lot of parts for me in that song and even the parts that I have are kinda auto-tuned.


| @nayeonyny/Instagram

As for not wanting to perform the song at concerts, Nayeon explains that it “makes [her] cringe” to try and replicate the auto-tune live.

And trying to copy that in a concert setting makes me cringe…


| @nayeonyny/Instagram

But Nayeon realizes that her cringing is precisely why her fans love the song so much.

And I think that’s what makes fans love it and get excited over it. I can’t express the recorded version live.


| @nayeonyny/Instagram
Source: Teen Vogue