TWICE’s Nayeon Tried Persuading Jeongyeon Her Snacks Were Tasty But Jeongyeon Wasn’t Convinced

No amount of persuasion could convince Jeongyeon:

Sometimes what we think is absolutely delicious is the complete opposite to someone else, something that TWICE‘s Nayeon and Jeongyeon experienced. Although Jeongyeon didn’t hate the snacks Nayeon was eating while getting ready for their Harper’s Bazaar photoshoot, no amount of persuasion from Nayeon could convince her it was tasty!

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Taking fans behind-the-scenes of their photoshoot, TWICE captured all kinds of adorable moments including the snacking moment with Jeongyeon and Nayeon.

With the camera in hand, Jeongyeon caught Nayeon munching her way deliciously through a bag of snacks and she couldn’t help wondering exactly what Nayeon was eating. The food in question was a high-protein snack that Tzuyu had purchased and let her unnie eat.

Tzuyu’s healthy snacks! It’s good! Somewhat… I wasn’t sure I liked it at first but then…

— Nayeon

Since Nayeon couldn’t really describe the treat, she thought Jeongyeon should try it out for herself and assuring her it was delicious, Jeongyeon took a piece to do just that.

Try it! Go on. It’s addictive.

— Nayeon

Nayeon may have been enthusiastic about the tastiness of the treat, Jeongyeon wasn’t all that convinced. She thought that it did have a nice flavor but it was a bit too bland for her liking.

It’s…it’s got a nice flavor but it’s a bit bland.

— Jeongyeon

No matter how much Nayeon tried to convince her it had a sweeter taste and was absolutely delicious, Jeongeyon couldn’t agree!

It’s delish! This is delicious! I’ll ask Tzuyu if I can have these too.

— Nayeon

That, however, just meant there was more for Nayeon! Find out what other snacks they were interested in as well as plenty more adorable behind-the-scenes photoshoot moments below: