TWICE’s Nayeon Once Fake Cried While Reading A Letter From Mina, Here’s Why

It was unexpected.

TWICE‘s Mina once penned a letter to Nayeon, and her reaction was hilarious! The incident happened during one of the group’s past promotions, where the girls were all gathered around a table, writing letters.

Mina put her heart and soul into each word.

She handed the letter to Nayeon, who stared at it for a couple of moments…

…before bursting into tears.

What could have caused such a reaction? Was Mina’s letter that touching?

It turns out that Nayeon was simply pretending to cry because she didn’t understand the Japanese words that Mina wrote! The way she faked her tears was both funny and cute.

The actual letter, however, was just as heartfelt and sincere as can be expected from TWICE’s sweetheart Mina.

Thank you for constantly hugging me recently whenever I was crying or felt sad. I really like Nayeon unnie who has a reliable inner side, and I’m always thankful to you who takes care of us with your inner strength!

Nayeon unnie who has a bright energy! Previously, when we guested on a variety show, you said you didn’t give me a kiss on my cheeks during my birthday, and so you kissed me, not on my cheeks but not my lips! Nayeon unnie who made me blush after kissing me! In the future as well, stay bright as always!

— Mina

Source: Twitter and @illiy009