TWICE’s Nayeon Once Scolded a Sasaeng over the Phone

Nayeon is annoyed by fans calling her all the time.

On a recent live broadcast, TWICE‘s Nayeon shared a story about how she once scolded a Sasaeng who called her by phone.

In the middle of a conversation, a call came in from a fan with an unknown number displayed on the phone screen.

When this happened, Chaeyeong, Sana, and Nayeon all told fans to not do that.

Don’t call us.

– Chaeyeong

Don’t do that.

– Sana

What are you going to do if you know our number?

– Nayeon

Chaeyeong continued to express her frustration about fans calling them.

Some people know our numbers, so they call and text us. I’m not upset, but it’s annoying.

– Chaeyeong

Nayeon and Sana also joined in and told fans to keep their numbers to themselves if they do know it.

We know you have our numbers. Please just keep it to yourselves.

– Nayeon.

Keep it to yourselves.

– Sana

Nayeon then shared a story about how she scolded a Japanese Sasaeng for calling her.

I once got a call from a Japanese fan asking me if I was “Nayeon Noona”. When I asked why he was calling, he just kept asking questions. I scolded him not to call me.

– Nayeon

Nayeon pleaded to fans once more about respecting their private lives and said it’s getting tiring.

Please respect our private lives. It’s really annoying trying to change phone numbers all the time. I don’t get to enjoy the fun of changing profile photos anymore.

– Nayeon

Source: Dispatch