Here’s Why Nayeon Doesn’t Move Her Arms In TWICE’s “Yes Or Yes”

She’s the only one who doesn’t do this move.

TWICE‘s Nayeon once revealed the interesting answer to a specific question that ONCE had always wondered about!

Fans were curious to know about the chorography during TWICE’s performances of “Yes or Yes.”

Specifically, it was about Nayeon’s choreography differing from the rest of the members during the second verse.

During the chorus of “Yes or Yes,” it switches from Nayeon’s part to Jihyo.

However, when taking a closer look, fans noticed Nayeon doesn’t raise her arms like the rest of the members.

It’s not just occasionally — It happens every performance! So, what’s the reason?

Nayeon revealed that it’s all because she thought raising her arms would cover Jihyo and distract from her part.

It makes sense when you go back to the performance and realize Jihyo begins singing when the members start walking to the left or right.

It creates fewer distractions from Jihyo during broadcasts…

…but it’s still hard to unsee!

This is only one example of the many ways the members perform as a group to help each other instead of competing.

Nayeon’s selflessness helps makes the stage look better overall — Plus, her substituted shoulder dance is totally cute!