TWICE’s Nayeon Embarrassed A 1st Generation Idol By “Rejecting” Him

It was all part of a game — and it was iconic!

During an episode of A Look at Myself, TWICE‘s Nayeon appeared with various other celebrities and idols to have conversations among different generations. They played all kinds of games, including the infamous “Of Course Game” where two participants often say outlandish and offensive remarks about the other person and they must agree in order to stay in the game. The first person who is unable to say “of course” (dangyunhaji in Korean) loses!

Nayeon was up against 1st generation idol Kim Jongmin of Koyote who left her speechless with his bold words from the beginning.

You’re into guys like me.

— Jongmin

However, Nayeon mustered up the strength to agree and say “of course!,” thus keeping her in the game.

She fired back with her competitive spirit, making fun of his face size — and he quickly agreed.

Nayeon: You have the biggest face.

Jongmin: Of course!

The back and forth continued on, where she agreed to his statement that she likes “older guys.”

She retaliated by stating he likes “all girls!”

For the big finale, he stuttered a bit before asking the final question:

If I ask you out, will you…will you go out with me?

— Jongmin

In that moment, Nayeon shut the game down!

Nope! *laughing*

— Nayeon

Jongmin collapsed of embarrassment in that moment. Though Nayeon technically lost the game, it felt like Jongmin was the real loser!

Watch the full video below.