TWICE Picks The Member Who Is Most Likely To Get Married Last

One member came to mind when they were asked the question.

To kick off promotions for their title track “I Can’t Stop Me”, TWICE appeared on the variety show Radio Star to share funny memories and reveal little-known facts about each other.

When the topic of marriage came up, the hosts asked which member would be the one to tie the knot last.

Maknae Chaeyoung was the one who picked who it would be. Wasting little time, she chose the oldest member: Nayeon. Cracking a bright smile, Nayeon was surprised, “Oh, me?” There was a specific reason why Chaeyoung chose her, though.


Chaeyoung revealed that Nayeon had high standards for a significant other, “She’s a bit picky.” When Nayeon heard the response, she couldn’t deny it.


Covering her mouth, Nayeon burst into laughter over the funny attack. Chaeyoung wasn’t quite done explaining, though. She offered another reason why Nayeon would be the last to get married among them.


Chaeyoung revealed that it wasn’t an easy task to become someone Nayeon could rely on, “To gain Nayeon’s trust, it takes effort.” By nodding their heads, Sana and Momo agreed with the observation.


Nayeon doesn’t trust just anyone lightly—especially with something as precious as her heart. Who could blame her? There’s no shame in taking all the time that’s needed to pick the best person. After all, marriage is a major commitment.

Source: Twitter


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