TWICE’s Producer Reveals Why He Always Gives Nayeon The Opening Part In Songs

Here’s why she’s the blueprint for the perfect female idol.

TWICE‘s producer, Black Eyed Pilseung, revealed the answer to the question many fans have been asking – why do most TWICE songs start with Nayeon?

The answer was pretty simple. Nayeon possesses the freshest and bubbliest voice out of TWICE. As a basic rule, usually members that are the lead or main vocals tend to be given the first line in songs so as to capture listeners.

That puts Jihyo in the running for opening lines as well. However, Black Eyed Pilseung revealed that he thinks Jihyo is just too good at singing! As her voice is deeper and more husky, it serves for a great chorus.

But for an idol song, Nayeon would be the better fit as her voice suits the overall concept and image for TWICE more.

According to Black Eyed Pilseung, the most important parts of a song for an idol are the start, the refrain and the ending. It has been noted that for most TWICE songs, Nayeon starts off the song while the refrain is shared between her and Jihyo. The end depends on which member suits the line best.

Nayeon’s a perfect fit for the textbook female idol, which is why she’s the center of most songs!

Her fresh, fruit-like vibes have also made her a hot topic amongst netizens.

There you have it! It’s basically been confirmed that Nayeon is the blueprint for the perfect female idol. From looks to vocals, and a freshness you can’t copy, she has it all. Check out TWICE’s teaser for their upcoming release, “I CAN’T STOP ME” below.

Source: 구라철