TWICE’s Sana Was A Whole Day Early In Wishing ITZY Yuna A Happy Birthday

A little mixup with the dates led to a whole lot of cuteness:

TWICE‘s Sana may have started the celebrations for ITZY Yuna‘s birthday a whole day early, but fans are absolutely loving it!


Late at night and into the early morning hours of December 8, Sana logged on and started a livestream with fans! Talking about everything from her favorite school lunches to phone troubles, Sana and ONCE had a blast interacting together!


As Sana was reading comments and answering questions during the live, she noticed one comment letting her know that Yuna’s birthday was on the way! And once she’d seen that, she absolutely had to send her dongsaeng a happy birthday message!

It’s ITZY Yuna’s birthday tomorrow. Yuna happy early birthday!

— Sana


But as Sana was wishing Yuna a happy early birthday, she realized that it was past midnight and sweetly changed up her message! The only problem was she was right the first time!

No? It’s past midnight, so I guess it’s today. Happy birthday!

— Sana


Since the original comment letting Sana know about Yuna’s big day was posted after midnight as well, when the commenter said “tomorrow” they meant December 9!


Even if there was a mixup with the date leading to some extra early birthday celebrations, however, fans are melting over Sana’s adorable mistake and the way she sweetly wished Yuna a big happy birthday!