TWICE’s Sana And Momo Open Up About The Person Who Tried To Ruin Their Friendship

The two have never fought in over ten years.

TWICE‘s Sana, Momo, and Nayeon recently sat down for an interview with Jonathan‘s TheKstarNextDoor. They dished everything from their unexpected interactions with other idols to even the awkward encounters with their own staff.

While they even admitted that sometimes the members don’t always understand each other, Jonathan asked Sana and Momo about their extremely close friendship.

Jonathan: Sana and Momo never fought for four years after debut?

Jonathan, Sana, Momo, and Nayeon | Diggle/YouTube 

Since Jonathan bases his interviews on information on public K-Pop profiles, which usually leads to interesting stories, Sana and Momo first had to laugh at the oddly specific time frame.

Sana: Where did four years come from?

Momo: So we fought after the four years?

Sana: Oh and we fought after that?

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But then they turn more serious, explaining that they’ve never fought in their over ten years of being friends.

Momo: I’ve known Sana for ten years?

Sana: More than ten years.

Momo: It’s more than ten years but…

Sana: We’ve never fought.

Momo: Never.

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Although they’ve never fought, Sana points out that one time someone actually tried to interfere with their friendship by spreading lies to both of them.

Sana: There was someone who tried to disturb our relationship but… We were young back then, but in a dark room, “I heard this but is this true?

Momo: Oh right.

Jonathan: For real?

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Sana and Momo were both hearing lies, but they decided to resolve it together, talking honestly about what they’d heard.

Sana:I also heard this. So it’s not [true].” We talked like this.

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As Jonathan points out, the person who tried to interfere with their relationship really wanted to hurt them, and, especially since they were young, it’s good they resolved the misunderstanding.

Jonathan: Who did that? You could have gotten hurt but you resolved it wisely.

Momo: We were each getting hurt but…

Sana: We were hurt and we kept it in our hearts for some weeks.

Momo: We were so close when we came to Korea together. So since we had to resolve that…

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Sana and Momo were so set on resolving the issue that they even had their conversation when others were around, not wanting to delay it longer.

Jonathan: Is that why you turned off the lights?

Momo: The lights were off because other people were also there.

Sana: It was just off. Late night mood.

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Fortunately, Sana and Momo could clear the air and remain amazing friends.

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