TWICE’s Sana Addresses Female Fans That Always Propose to Her

“My female fans keep asking me to marry them.” – Sana

TWICE‘s Sana recently spoke to her fans via V LIVE where she killed everyone with her adorable way of speaking.

During the broadcast, Sana opened up about the fans that always ask her to marry them.

I’ve thought about this, and I think the fans that always propose to me are girls. Always.

– Sana

Sana continued by offering examples of where she gets proposed in the cutest way possible.

I’m talking about the fans that talk to me at fan signings, the fans that talk to other members, as well as the fans that leave comments online.

– Sana

She then expressed her thoughts on the matter and killed everyone with her adorable charms.

Well, I don’t think you mean it!

– Sana

Click here for the full V LIVE broadcast (23:15).

Source: Dispatch