Sana Was Absolutely Hypnotizing with Her Enchanting Vibes at TWICE’s Recent Showcase

Try not to get hypnotized.

TWICE recently performed their new song, “FANCY” at their comeback showcase, and a YouTube channel called “candy frappe” shared close-cam footage of Sana looking absolutely captivating.

On this day, Sana appeared on stage with golden hair and a black mini-dress that accentuated her sexy charms.

It was hard to look away from her because her broad shoulders and thin body line complemented the choreography that she absolutely nailed.

During the 3 minutes of TWICE’s new song, Sana graced her fans with a sexy and powerful performance.

Despite the choreography being very intense, Sana managed to show off appropriate facial expressions that made her performance that much more entrancing.

The way she gave off charismatic glances while also flashing adorable smiles makes the viewer feel very drawn into the performance as if they’re almost being hypnotized.

Check out Sana’s many charms in the close-up cam footage below:

Source: Insight