TWICE to Team up With Coca-Cola Japan as Special Supporters

Japanese ONCEs will be getting new music sooner than they thought.

Amidst cryptic teasers being released, TWICE has announced some official activities in Japan! They will be joining forces with Coca-Cola’s Japanese drink “Qoo” for the drink’s 20th Anniversary.

TWICE at YouTube Japan Fan Festival in December 2018

Along with featuring in a commercial for the drink, TWICE will be participating in an official tie-up with Coca-Cola Japan on April 17.

On the same day as the tie-up, TWICE will be releasing their 4th Japanese Single “HAPPY HAPPY”. Their 5th Japanese single “Breakthrough” is slated for just a short week later, on April 24. These will be TWICE’s first exclusively Japanese releases since 2018’s “STAY BY MY SIDE”.

Promotional image for Stay By My Side

TWICE will be performing the final date of their #Dreamday Japanese Dome Tour today, April 6.

TWICE performing at their 2019 #Dreamday Tour

We still don’t know much about the FINALLY, FEVER, and FABULOUS teasers, but until we do ONCEs can be tied over with what is certainly going to be an epic Japanese comeback.

“Teaser” gifs posted on TWICE’s official twitter account on (from left to right) April 1, April 3, and April 5.