Tzuyu Was Shocked to See Dahyun “Outshine Her” When They Pose Next to Each Other on Camera

Dahyun’s presence makes Tzuyu look a little different (but still gorgeous) on camera.

TWICE‘s Tzuyu recently held a live broadcast for her fans where she got outshined by her fellow member Dahyun, and she had no idea why.


As an idol flaunting unmatched visuals, Tzuyu stunned fans with her gorgeous looks in a simple black t-shirt.

Considering how beautiful she is, fans were shocked and amused to find out that Tzuyu actually has a slight insecurity.

Tzuyu shared that she doesn’t look so dark when she’s captured on camera alone before turning the camera to Dahyun.

Dahyun, also known as “human tofu“, is famous for her pale skin, so when Tzuyu brought Dahyun into the frame, her skin tone became a lot darker.

After seeing this, Tzuyu’s reaction was, “Why does this happen?

Fans who tuned in for the broadcast responded to Tzuyu’s cute reveal with comments such as “You can’t beat the tofu“, “Tzuyu’s face is cheating“, and “Dahyun is so pale“.

Source: Insight


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