Here’s Why TWICE’s Tzuyu Could Be JYP Entertainment’s Next Vice President, According To A Fortune Teller

From idol to the vice president of idols.

TWICE once spoke to a popular Japanese fortune teller. Aside from asking about their true calling and hearing what their personalities are like based on their signs, they were also told what their future may hold.

The future of maknae Tzuyu was especially interesting! The fortune teller said that she has what it takes to be the next vice president of TWICE’s company, JYP Entertainment, because of her sensibility.

Because you have this sensibility, you might be the next Vice President of JYP.

— Fortune teller

Upon hearing those words, Tzuyu and her members burst into laughter.

Tzuyu even joked, “I’ll think about it from now on.

If not a VP, then the fortune teller thinks she would also do well as a producer because she has “the same power” as J.Y. Park, the group’s very own producer and JYP Entertainment’s founder.

He is a man of great power and ‘the spirit of the world.’ Actually, Tzuyu, you have the same power as him. You have a producer star like him.

— Fortune teller

Tzuyu as the next vice president or producer of JYP Entertainment? She’d kill it.

In the same video, the fortune teller predicted TWICE’s personalities. See what she told the girls in the article below.

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Source: YouTube