TWICE’s Tzuyu Reveals Why She Changed Up Her Look With Bangs

“Tzuyu, why did you cut your bangs?”

TWICE‘s Tzuyu recently took everyone by surprise when she debuted a new hairstyle upon arriving at the airport. With the addition of wispy bangs, she looked just as stunning as ever.

Since the change was unexpected, it would only be natural to wonder why she’d done it. During her recent live broadcast, she revealed her reason why.

Before TWICE went on stage to perform, Tzuyu started a live broadcast for one reason. She’d loved her styled bangs so much that she wanted to show them off, “But, I thought the bangs will not stay as it is after the performance.”

Since that was the only thing she’d planned, Tzuyu didn’t know what else to talk about. While she thought of what to say, another member helped her out. They asked what prompted her to make such a change in hairstyle.

While cutely turning her head to show off her bangs at every angle, Tzuyu revealed her simple reason for it: “I just… I just wanted to cut it all of a sudden.” Typically, such a change would hint that there’s a comeback in the near future. In her case, Tzuyu is just enjoying her youth, changing her style on a whim.

Tzuyu wasn’t the only one loving the new bangs. Not only did fans gush over the look, but the rest of her members joined in as well, “The members complimented my bangs.”

Tzuyu is merely having fun trying out new styles. Watch her respond to the question here.