Tzuyu Looked So Stunning Her TWICE Unnies Absolutely Had To Snap Photos Of Her

Her unnies showered her with love:

After debuting her new bangs, TWICE‘s Tzuyu barely gave ONCEs enough time to catch their breath before surprising everyone with a series of heart-stopping photos on Instagram.

On February 11, Tzuyu sent everyone’s heart into overdrive with her Instagram post. Tzuyu uploaded a series of 7 photos that not only highlighted her gorgeous visuals but also her sweet charms.

Accompanying all of the heart-fluttering photos, Tzuyu wrote, “What is this, is she really a doll? Although I took the photos so casually…

While Tzuyu’s photos already had everyone feeling overwhelmed, a few hours later Tzuyu came back for a second attack, this time with an extra dose of adorable! Posting two more photos that gave ONCE a behind-the-scenes look at all those swoon-worthy photos she showed that her unnies were the ones behind all those pics!

With her unnies snapping all those photos, Tzuyu was the happiest maknae around and her caption definitely showed just how much she loves her sweet and caring unnies!

What’s wrong with these unnies…  ㅋㅋㅋ I am so happy to have unnies who adore me like this.

It couldn’t get any cuter than that! Check out all the photos TWICE took of their cute maknae below:

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뭐지 진짜 인형인가 ;; 대충 막 찍었는데 💕

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