TWICE Spotted Giving up Their Own Water Bottles for Tired Fans in the Audience

Hearts of gold.

The 34th Golden Disc Awards recently took place where TWICE was spotted sacrificing their own water bottles for their tired fans.

At the awards ceremony, TWICE proved their great influence by taking the Album Division Bonsang.

But what touched the fans more than their sweet gesture toward fans.

Jeongyeon saw how hard their fans were cheering for them and couldn’t help but worry.

Jeongyeon then spotted some water bottles that were at the table and got up to deliver them.

But when Jihyo and Nayeon spotted this, they also decided to help out.

Jeongyeon was spotted heading over to the audience with a handful of water bottles and gesturing the staff to hand it out to the fans.

Once they were safely delivered, TWICE looked a little more relieved as they proceeded with the show.

Check out the full video below:

Source: Insight