TWICE Trying The “Whisper Challenge” In Halloween Costumes Is The Funniest Thing To Hit The Internet

Only TWICE can go this far.

At their most recent fan meeting, themed for Halloween, TWICE members gave ONCEs a good laugh with their absolutely-bonkers kind of “Whisper Challenge”.


As all whisper challenges go, TWICE members had to guess what each other was trying to say, while wearing noise-cancelling headphones.


It was beyond hilarious, thanks to the extravagant Halloween costumes the members were wearing. From Maleficent Tzuyu


… to Aladdin’s Genie Dahyun,

TWICE’s Dahyun Dressed Up As The Genie From Aladdin And Everyone Loved It


TWICE really went all out for this spooky-fun fan meeting!


And of course, TWICE being TWICE, they couldn’t care less about what they looked like — they were all and only focused on getting the Whisper Challenge done!


Here’s how intense that got:


— Dahyun


You can watch the full and complete chaos below.