TWICE’s Dahyun Outs Chaeyoung For Her Peculiar And Startling Habit, And It Is Funny AF

Who knew the baby tiger was like this?

TWICE‘s Chaeyoung is cute, fierce, and funny — really funny, actually, but that’s a story for a different time.

Source: imbc

During an episode of JTBC Entertainment‘s Knowing Bros, Dahyun outed Chaeyoung for having a very peculiar habit that leaves everyone just a bit startled.

Source: JTBC Entertainment/YouTube

The peculiar habit in question? She makes noises when she brushes her teeth! Specific noises that her groupmates find unsettling.

Source: JTBC Entertainment/YouTube  

As for the noise… she cleans her tongue when she brushes her teeth, which leads her to make a gagging sound!

Source: JTBC Entertainment/YouTube

Her groupmates all agree that the sound makes her sound like a middle-aged man, and it must be true because the middle-aged men on Knowing Bros were quick to give her tips on how to make it more comfortable!

Source: JTBC Entertainment/YouTube

Hahaha! Chaeyoung is so precious, whether she’s being funny intentionally or unintentionally, she always makes us crack up!

Watch the whole clip below for the full experience: