TWICE’s Jihyo Once Literally Ran Away From Security Just To Greet Fans

You can see them trying to catch up with her!

The world-famous girl group TWICE is led by none other than their main vocalist Jihyo. It makes sense since she had the longest training period at JYP Entertainment among all the members at a whopping 10 years!

K-Pop Idol Park Jihyo | @JYPETWICE_JAPAN/Twitter

As the leader of a group with so many fans, Jihyo is constantly making sure to take care of both her fellow members and especially her fans. TWICE came up with the nickname ONCE for their supporters because, according to them, if you love them even just once, they will love you twice as much in return.

K-Pop Girl Group TWICE | @JYPETWICE_JAPAN/Twitter

In fact, there was a time when Jihyo was so dedicated to showing her love for ONCE that she straight up ran away from security to greet them. This legendary incident happened in 2017 when TWICE was on their first international concert tour, Twice 1st Tour: Twiceland – The Opening.

TWICE’s First Encore Concert Poster | JYP Entertainment

The girls had just returned from Thailand and Singapore, having started the tour in February of 2017 in South Korea. Due to their extreme popularity, JYP Entertainment decided to have two follow-up encore dates at the Jamsil Arena in South Korea in June 2017. Despite holding a concert in Seoul just a few months earlier, 12,000 fans still showed up at the venue! A few of them also made the extra effort to greet TWICE as they entered and exited the arena. One of them managed to record a video of Jihyo quickly fleeing from TWICE’s van and running towards them.

| @jk10271027/YouTube

A couple of security guards had to catch up and escort her back. Sadly she could only stay for a few moments before waving goodbye, but fans were excited just seeing her briefly since they began to chant, “god-Jihyo, god-Jihyo, god-Jihyo!” Which is the nickname given to her by her ONCE.

| @jk10271027/YouTube

What a special memory for those ONCEs!

Check out the full video below.

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Source: @jk10271027/YouTube and @twicetagram/Instagram