TWICE’s Jihyo Took The MBTI Test & Her Result Explains So Much About Her

Jihyo’s MBTI type is scarily accurate.

On the latest episode of TWICE TV, TWICE’s leader finally gave ONCEs what they’ve been wanting for years: her MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) personality type. MBTI results have been said to be scarily accurate, revealing a lot about what a person is really like. And, in Jihyo’s case, her result explained so much about her, even she was surprised.

Jihyo’s MBTI result was ISFP-T, also referred to as the “Curious Artist” or “Adventurer” type. At surface level, this means Jihyo is an introvert who focuses on facts, makes decisions based on feeling, and likes leading a flexible life. Of course, there’s so much more to ISFPs than just that.

For one, people with this personality are known to be charming with warm vibes that draw everyone in—and that definitely fits Jihyo.

ISFPs are also very empathetic, while enables them to minimize conflict and create harmony in any group. What could be more fitting for TWICE’s leader?

Plus, Jihyo is known for being one of the most competitive members of TWICE. ISFPs are known for taking competition seriously, often turning minor situations into an opportunity to win.

As natural musicians, ISFPs are often found in the entertainment industry. Some famous ISFP singers include Lana Del Rey, Avril Lavigne, and now Jihyo herself.

In the video, Jihyo read out some of the characteristics of ISFPs, and she was shocked at how true most of it was.

It’s just… Amazing. How do they know with these questions?

— Jihyo

ISFPs are an interesting type because while they’re inspired by connections with the people around them, they often need to be alone to recharge. This can surprise the people who know them. Upon reading this part of her result, Jihyo admitted that this fits her perfectly.

When I was young, I was extremely timid. I look talkative and outgoing now, but I think I’m more timid. I bottle up my emotions a lot.

— Jihyo

On top of that, the ISFP type is known as the “Adventurer” partly because they love risky activities like extreme sports. Again, Jihyo said that definitely fits her personality, and that she wants to try more adrenaline-raising fun in the future.

Oh, I think it’s true. I love risky stuff. I love riding scary rides at the theme park. What I really want to try, in the summer… I want to learn surfing.

— Jihyo

Jihyo went on to read out one of the most fitting parts of the ISFP description: how much they struggle to plan for the future. While many people are logical and strategic about their futures, thinking about investments and retirement, ISFPs think more about experiences and finding their identity as an end goal.

Oh! It’s definitely true… People like me aren’t realistic.

— Jihyo

If you can’t wait to learn more about TWICE’s personalities, keep your eye on TWICE TV. The next member to take the MBTI test will be Mina!

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