TWICE’s Momo Reveals The Secrets Of Her Personality After Receiving Her MBTI Test Result

Momo shares her personality type with BTS’s Jungkook & Red Velvet’s Yeri.

This week, Momo became the latest TWICE member to take the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) test, which reveals a lot about someone’s personality. As she read out her results, Momo let fans in on a few things they may not have known about her.

Momo’s MBTI test result was INFP-T.

At a broad level, this means she’s great at understanding people and their feelings, looks at the world creatively, expresses herself with high nuance, and solves problems theoretically. INFPs tend to have high levels of creative, musical, intrapersonal and existential intelligence.

One trait that’s common among INFPs is having an “inner flame”, which Momo said definitely explains why she’s so bold on stage when she’s actually shy in real life.

When I speak to others, speak to complete strangers, I can’t speak up, and I turn shy. But when I have to perform, I perform, so I guess it’s true.

— Momo

INFPs also have a special gift when it comes to learning languages. A Japanese native, Momo is modest about her Korean skills, but learning a new language to fluency as a teenager is no easy feat.

Momo’s personality type is often referred to as the “Mediator” type because they’re good at seeing both sides and creating harmony. So, it’s no surprise that Momo is good at unifying her members.

I hate it when people fight, so settling it in an entertaining way is the most important.

— Momo

INFPs can also become fixated on one specific thing. In Momo’s case, that’s dancing, which is how she was able to become one of K-Pop’s best main dancers.

Since I was young… Dance is one thing. I did nothing but dance since I was little, so I wasn’t interested in anything else.

— Momo

Momo went on to discover that INFPs take a lot of interest in art. Though Momo considers herself “terrible” at drawing, she revealed she does draw a lot at home—plus she likes makeup and performing arts too. On top of that, another INFP trait she shares is following her own style rather than choosing things just because they’re trendy.

INFPs have a lot of ups and downs. Momo confessed that although she tries to hide it, this is a trait that definitely applies to her.

I have a lot of ups and downs but I try to hide it since it’s really strong which I really don’t try to show to others.

— Momo

Like other INFPs, Momo is also sensitive to other people’s words, which means hate comments probably get her down a lot.

I do tend to care about what others say… Yeah, I do.

— Momo

On a happier note, another of Momo’s INFP traits is a love for spontaneity. Momo shared how much she enjoyed her unplanned trips to Busan with Nayeon and Hawaii with Sana, having fun with no itinerary.

One of the most interesting things about Momo’s personality type is that she shares it with a ton of other idols—including BTS’s Jungkook, Red Velvet’s Yeri, and labelmate GOT7’s Yugyeom.

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Watch Momo’s full MBTI test and results here!

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