The Two Idols Who Confidently Rocked “No Bra” Fashion And Broke Societal Norms

Just by being themselves, they encouraged others to put comfort over convention.

Anyone with breasts knows that the best time of day is when you can take your bra off after a long day of school or work and just chill. With that in mind, imagine a world where it’s socially acceptable to be comfortable.

Two K-Pop idols, the late Sulli and MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa have been empowering others to put comfort over convention simply by being true to themselves. While there are a handful of critics who are against “no bra” fashion, many netizens have been rooting for the fashion trailblazers.

Although Korean society is relatively conservative, Sulli was always brave and bold and despite criticisms from K-media and K-netizens, she always remained true to herself and continued to be a trailblazer in the “no bra” fashion movement.

In fact, despite being on the receiving end of much unfair criticism, her perseverance earned the respect of those who could relate to wanting to be bra-free, with many Korean women rallying to support her. One message board commenter said, “Among the feminist movements in foreign countries, there’s a movement called ‘free the nipple’. Sulli’s the advocate for Korea.

More recently, MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa has been gaining attention for her “no bra” fashion.

Hwasa made headlines after appearing at the airport back in summer 2017 wearing a plain white t-shirt and a no bra.

Though there were some netizens who disapproved of her fashion choice, the majority of responses were positive, with many, presumably women, netizens from Korea leaving comments online showing their support for the “no bra” look.

I support both Hwasa and Sulli. I hope a time comes when we can all go braless without being concerned about others’ perception.


During MAMAMOO’s November 14 showcase, Hwasa briefly addressed the “controversy” by simply stating: “I’m dressing comfortably.

While not everyone may be comfortable with “no bra” fashion for themselves, and certainly, no one should be made to do something they don’t want to do or aren’t comfortable with, Sulli and Hwasa’s fearlessness in their fashion choice is, without a doubt, empowering for those who simply can’t be bothered to wear a bra just to live up to societal norms.

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