The “Only” Two K-Pop Idols Block B’s P.O Considers His Best Friends

His fellow Marines would ask about them during his service.

Block B‘s maknae P.O (also known as Pyo Jihoon) became the final member of the group to enlist for their mandatory military service in March 2022 when he began his service in the Marines.

P.O completed his service in September and has reunited with his fellow Block B members and made plans to return to acting and performing.

Block B’s P.O | @pyojihoon_official/Instagram

Most recently, he visited his close friend, Urban Zakapa‘s Jo Hyun Ah, to film an episode of her popular YouTube talk show, Thursday Night.

Host Jo Hyun Ah began the episode by stating she had been patiently waiting for his appearance on the show and couldn’t believe the day had finally come.

The two talented artists showed off their close bond, taking a friendship quiz before looking up their results.

The results confirmed their close friendship, as it stated they were a “perfect half and half match in a past life,” with the ability to “know what each other wants” simply through eye contact.

P.O told Jo Hyun Ah that he was glad her YouTube show was doing so well, and Jo Hyun Ah replied that she heard Thursday Night helped him endure his military service.

P.O said he often recruited his fellow Republic of Korea Army (ROKA) Marines to watch the episodes with him.

When asked about the episodes that were most memorable to him, the episode featuring fellow ’93-liner WINNER‘s Mino came to mind.

Jo Hyun Ah wondered what his fellow Marines had to say about the show, and P.O revealed that they were mostly curious about what she was like in real life. He admitted that when people ask him who he’s closest to, he answers Jo Hyun Ah and WINNER’s Mino (also known as Song Minho).

Jo Hyun Ah and P.O stated that they had been friends for ten years. P.O became best friends with Mino in high school, and the two originally trained to debut together as a rap duo.

Their friendships remain close to this day!

Check out the rest of the fun episode below:

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