K-Pop Idols Who Were Once Classmates

Many remain close to this day!

Before these K-Pop idols became known as members of their respective groups, they were classmates! To this day, many of the idols on the list have remained close and continue to showcase their friendship.

Here are a few K-Pop idols who were once classmates!

1. BTS’s V and Jimin

BTS’s Jimin (left) and V (right) | btsandvmin/Tumblr

Before V and Jimin were members of the global group BTS, they were classmates! When they joined BIGHIT MUSIC (formerly BigHit Entertainment), they were both transferred to the same high school. Among their fellow schoolmates was also Oh My Girl‘s Seunghee.

2. Apink’s Hayoung, Gfriend’s Yerin, and Red Velvet’s Joy

Apink’s Hayoung (left), former Gfriend’s Yerin (center), and Joy (right) at their graduation

Apink‘s Hayoung, Red Velvet‘s Joy, and former Gfriend member Yerin have been friends since attending the School of Performing Arts Seoul together.

Yerin, Joy, and Hayoung in 2021 | @_ohhayoung_/Instagram

3. BTOB Hyunsik and EXO’s D.O.

BTOB‘s Hyunsik went to high school in Shanghai for two years. When he returned to Korea, he transferred to Goyang Baekseok High School where EXO‘s D.O. was his classmate. The two became friends after Hyunsik began asking classmates who could sing well at school. Their schoolmates responded that D.O. was a good singer, so Hyunsik asked him if they could sing a song together at the school’s festival.

The rest is history as the two continue to support each other and have a close friendship.

4. Highlight’s Kikwang and Yoseob

Highlight‘s Yoseob and Kikwang became friends in high school. Kikwang hilariously revealed that Yoseob was more popular than him at school.

The two debuted as members of BEAST (now known as Highlight) on October 16, 2009, and they’ve remained close friends and groupmates ever since.

(Top row, from left to right) Highlight’s Dongwoon and Doojoon (Bottom row, from left to right) Kikwang and Yoseob | @yysbeast/Instagram

5. Kim Junsu and Super Junior’s Eunhyuk

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk (left) and Kim Junsu (right) | Pinterest

Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk and Kim Junsu‘s friendship dates back to their days in middle school together. The two auditioned for SM Entertainment, where they both went on to debut in their respective groups, Super Junior and TVXQ.

After Junsu left SM Entertainment and TVXQ in 2009, Eunhyuk remained friends with Junsu, and even went to support his musical in 2014.

6. MAMAMOO’s Hwasa and Wheein

MAMAMOO’s Hwasa (left) and Wheein (right) in middle school.
| @tgcnim/Twitter

MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa and Wheein met back in middle school. Wheein revealed they became friends when Hwasa confidently approached her and said, “Hey, do you want to be friends? I think you’re my type of person!

The two are still best friends and groupmates.

| @whee_inthemood/Instagram

7. WINNER’s Mino and BLOCK B’s P.O.

Block B’s P.O (left) and WINNER’s Mino (right)

WINNER‘s Mino and BLOCK B‘s P.O became best friends in high school and originally trained to debut as a rap duo. Before they made their debut, P.O was sadly cut as a trainee. Mino told their company’s CEO he would quit if P.O left, but luckily P.O convinced him to stay with the company.

Although they ended up with different companies and groups, the two are still close to this day.

| Pinterest

8. DIA’s Chaeyeon and NCT’s Jaehyun

DIA‘s Chaeyoung and NCT‘s Jaehyun both went to the same high school. Chaeyoung previously revealed his kind personality in school on a radio broadcast.

[Jaehyun] attended class diligently and…and he was very popular among his fellow students.

— Chaeyoung

Chaeyeon and Jaehyun on a radio broadcast together | @chaebinseu/Twitter

9. Ong Seongwoo and BTOB’s Sungjae

BTOB‘s Sungjae and former Wanna One‘s Ong Seongwoo were revealed to be high school classmates!

Not many interactions have been captured between the two, but Ong Seongwoo was able to briefly congratulate Sungjae at an award show in 2018.

10. BTS’s Jungkook, VIVIZ’s SinB, and WJSN’s Eunseo

(From left to right) BTS’s Jungkook, WJSN’s Eunseo, and VIVIZ’s SinB

The three idols were once high school classmates at the School of Performing Arts Seoul.

VIVIZ‘s SinB and WJSN‘s Eunseo have remained best friends and they both recently competed on Queendom 2.

VIVIZ’s SinB (left) and WJSN’s Eunseo (right) | @eeunseo._.v/Instagram
| @eeunseo._.v/Instagram

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