TXT And ATEEZ Yeosang’s Loving Interaction Proves They’re Total Best Friend Goals

Yeonjun was all for Yeosang’s supportive energy.

Whether they’re playing around or supporting each other, the friendship between TXT and ATEEZ is one that fans hold dear.

Yeonjun congratulating Wooyoung.

The two groups proved why it was so precious on SBS MTV‘s THE SHOW, when host Yeosang supported TXT in the sweetest way.


When TXT went on stage to give a winning speech for their track “LO$ER=LO♡ER”, they were quick to wave to one of the few people present.

Thanks to the full official fancam, it turned out to be Yeosang. He was just as quick to wave to the members, even with a cue card in hand. It was such a heartwarming sight for fans to see him cheer them on excitedly. That wasn’t the only moment that sparked joy, either.

Being a total MOA, Yeosang danced the track’s signature move to celebrate. Yeonjun enjoyed it so much that he smiled as he danced along.

The interaction reminded fans just how lovable TXT and ATEEZ’s friendship is.


See the sweet moment between them that proved they’re total best friend goals.