TXT’s Beomgyu Caringly Encouraged One Of Their Backup Dancers

His care for others has MOAs melting.

In the middle of TXT‘s performance of “Blue Hour” on KBS‘s Music Bank, a moment between Beomgyu and one of their backup dancers was so caring that it couldn’t escape fans’ notice.

Since their choreography required a bit of an outfit change for the second half, Beomgyu quickly made his way to the back of the stage. With most of their backup dancers at the front, it was the perfect cover for the shift.

As usual, a backup dancer was already waiting. He held out the long jacket that Beomgyu needed. After putting his arms through it and setting it in place, Beomgyu couldn’t miss the chance to thank the backup dancer.

With his fist held up in a quick “Fighting!” gesture in the brief moment he had, Beomgyu cheered him on and thanked him all at once. In the next moment, Beomgyu smoothly flipped his hat onto his head as the backup dancer kept an eye on him.

Although the interaction didn’t last long, it left an impact on fans for how caring it was. Beomgyu may be confident enough in his looks that TXT jokingly called him a “narcissist,” but that doesn’t stop him from treating the people around him with kindness—like their backup dancers.

Check out the sweet moment between Beomgyu and one of their backup dancers that’s making MOAs melt from its kindness.


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