TXT’s Beomgyu Had Such An Awkward Encounter With Soobin’s Hedgehog Odi That He Had To Apologize To Him

It was a shocking interaction for both Odi and Beomgyu.

The members of TXT recently held a live broadcast and Beomgyu mentioned a funny yet awkward encounter with Soobin‘s hedgehog Odi.

As many MOAs know, the group’s leader Soobin adopted an adorable little hedgehog, Odi, back in April 2021. As time went on, Soobin shared several cute photos of Odi!

While it seems that Soobin and Odi are super close, Yeonjun once revealed that it’s quite difficult to get close to the hedgehog. Yeonjun also added that Odi isn’t close with the other members as well.

It appears that Yeonjun was right. When asked, “Did Beomgyu get close to Odi?” Beomgyu brought up an awkward moment he had with Odi.

When I go to the dorm. Before I go to my room, I always check if Soobin is in his room. He wasn’t in his room yesterday so I put the light on. Odi watched me like this (demonstrates) when I entered.

— Beomgyu

Beomgyu explained that he was so startled by Odi’s reaction that he turned off the lights and apologized.

I turned the light off, closed the door, and said I was sorry.

— Beomgyu

The member’s laughed at the cute interaction and Soobin explained that Odi simply stops to see who’s entered the room.

Odi stops spinning on the wheel when the lights is on and becomes a fossil.

— Beomgyu

Source: Naver TV