TXT’s Beomgyu And Soobin Unknowingly Become The Next Hottest Couple

No one saw this one coming.

On the day that TXT arrived at Gimpo International Airport following their trip to Japan for promotions, Beomgyu and Soobin encountered a situation where fans had surrounded them.

TXT Were Mobbed At The Airport, Raises Safety Concerns

Despite what happened, there was a moment before the incident that hilariously turned the two members into the next couple goals.

Out of all the photos taken of the group that day, there was one that caught a reporter’s eye. As Beomgyu and Soobin walked through the airport, the former held onto the latter’s arm.

The sweet but small moment inspired the reporter to write a brief article about it, titling it “TXT’s Soobin-Beomgyu ‘Like An Affectionate Couple.'” From how close they were standing and how naturally it came to them to hold onto each other, it certainly fit.

The fact that a reporter had felt the need to share the moment had fans more than amused, especially since the title seemed like something a fan would say. To make it funnier, it probably hadn’t been a title Soobin or Beomgyu expected to ever see.

Beomgyu had once admitted that Soobin had been the one who’d made him most comfortable and able to open up to everyone. No wonder their close friendship would look so affectionate, even hilariously reaching the level of a couple.

Source: Naver